Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Frozen, orchid, cupcake, skull & candy crush

There's been this gread new addition to my nail art channel on YouTube; My boyfriend is letting me borrow his hand for some nail art once in a while, an although he offered it himself, I have bought him a game for his Nintendo 3DS as a thank you... and bought the came for myself as well, of course!

What's awesome is that I'm now able to do designs for short nails + make more designs in general so I can post more videos *yay*

These are pictures of my recent uploads - except the top one, which will be uploaded today. 

Fantasy skull, abstract nails

Candy Crush Soda nail art 

Cute cupcake nail art

Fun fast food nails, with 3D burger and soda

Frozen inspired nails

Orchid nail art